Female Sexual Enhancement

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Women's Sexual Health

Female sexual enhancement is any treatment or procedure which enhances and improves a woman's sexuality.  These include any procedures resulting in an improvement in a woman's self image and body image.  Female sexual enhancement would also include the medical treatment of women with vaginal atrophy, issues of sexual desire and orgasm as well as vaginal pain.
One of the most common procedures performed for female sexual enhancement is breast augmentation.  However, with women becoming more attuned to their own sexual needs and wants, and more focused on the appearance of their genitalia, cosmetic procedures on female genitalia have gained significant popularity.  

Beautification of the female genitalia can improve not only a woman's self image and body image, but can also improve their sexual confidence and satisfaction.

Dr. Karen Elizabeth Boyle's cutting edge, cosmetic surgical procedures of the:

can restore and beautify the female genitalia, thereby enhancing a woman's sexual perception of self.  

The goals of these procedures are to:

  • Restore, preserve and beautify natural contour of the genital tissues
  • Eliminate unwanted or excess tissue, bulges, sagging or extra folds
  • Preserve and maintain the natural color and pigmentation of the genital tissues
  • Retain and optimize sensitivity to touch
  • Minimize scarring and promote fast healing

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