Penile Congenital Curvature

Congenital penile curvature, or chordee, is a common problem and can result in the abnormal bending of the erect penis - upwards, downwards, left or right.  Dr. Karen Elizabeth Boyle recommends surgery to correct this problem.

Why should I consider penile congenital curvature surgery?

When the curvature is painful and/or impacts sexual satisfaction and intercourse, surgical repair is recommended.  Chordee can be recognized and surgically addressed in childhood, and may be associated with other penile abnormalities such as hypospadias or epispadias.  If the chordee persists into adulthood, correction of the curvature can be surgically performed.  

What is the cost associated with this procedure?

Financial concerns are always important when considering any medical procedure.  Please read our financial information section for more information.

Post-operative instructions

After surgery, instructions will vary from patient to patient.  For a sense of what you can expect after your surgery, see our post-operative instructions.

How long will it take to recover?

Every patient is different, but most men find they can return to work in a matter of weeks.  It takes four to six weeks to fully recover.

When I can I resume intercourse?

Six weeks after the procedure is the average for most men for resuming sexual intercourse.

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