Preparing for a Procedure

Download these directions in our Patient Instruction Form [PDF].

Instructions are below for preparing for your procedure:

Starting Now

  • Dr. Karen Elizabeth Boyle has asked you to obtain a medical clearance letter and history and physical exam from your primary physician within 30 days of the procedure.   Additionally, for patients more than 50 years of age a recent EKG must also be obtained.  Please fax all information to Dr. Boyle's office at (410)825-5811 no later than 1 week prior to the surgery date.  If this is not received in the time requested, the procedure may be cancelled.  
  • STOP SMOKING:  Smoking reduces circulation to skin and impedes healing.
  • TAKE MULTIVITAMINS:  Start taking multivitamins to improve your general health once you have scheduled surgery.
  • TAKE VITAMIN C:  Start taking 500 mg of Vitamin C twice daily to promote healing.
  • DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN OR IPUBROFEN:  Stop taking medications containing aspirin or ibuprofen 14 days prior to your procedure.   Review the list of drugs containing aspirin and ibuprofen carefully.  Such drugs can cause bleeding problems during and after surgery.  Instead, use medications containing acetaminophen (such as Tylenol).
  • LIMIT VITAMIN E:  Limit your intake of Vitamin E to less than 400 mg per day (the normal dose in multivitamin is usually o.k.).
  • CONTACT DR. BOYLE'S OFFICE:  If you are unsure about which medications to stop prior to surgery 877-235-2110.  

The Day before Surgery

  • CONFIRM SURGERY TIME:  Call Lisa at (443)471-5744 to confirm the time of your surgery and location.
  • CLEANSING:  The night before surgery, shower and wash the surgical areas with Anti-Bacterial soap.  FOR LIPOSUCTION PATIENTS:  Please use the Betadine scrub brushes that were given to you.
  • EATING AND DRINKING:  Do not eat or drink anything after 12:00 midnight.  This includes water, chewing gum, throat lozenges, etc.
  • ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION:  You need to have someone come with you on the day of surgery to drive you home from your procedure.  You will not be able to drive yourself home.

The Morning of Surgery

  • SPECIAL INFO:  Do not eat or drink anything!!!  If you take a daily medication, you may take it with a sip of water in the early morning.
  • CLEANSING:  Shower and wash the surgical areas again with Anti-Bacterial soap.  LIPOSUCTION PATIENTS:  please use the Betadine scrub brushes that were given to you.  
  • CLOTHING:  Wear only comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.  Remove jewelry.  Please do not bring valuables with you.

Contact Dr. Boyle's Assistant Lisa Tibo at (443)471-5744 or Dr. Boyle directly with any questions or concerns.  Dr. Boyle can always be reached at her office at the same number.

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