Labiaplasty Benefits Many Women

Labiaplasty Changes Lives, Restores Confidence for Many Women

By Karen Boyle, MD

Some may be surprised to hear that labiaplasty can be life-changing, but as a sexual health expert and surgeon at Chesapeake Aesthetic Surgery I can attest to the fact that labiaplasty helps restore lost confidence in many of my female patients.

Through the media, we are bombarded with images of what “normal” women’s bodies should look like. But normal is certainly subjective when it comes to a woman’s self-perception. Many women who have enlarged labia feel embarrassed, self-conscious and even shy away from intimacy. Labiaplasty has proven to be life-changing for so many of my patients, helping them to regain confidence in their appearance and in their sexuality.

Some women are born with enlarged or abnormally shaped labia, which become apparent during puberty. With labial enlargement, the tissue can hang down a few inches outside the labia majora or outer labia causing women to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, and can cause problems with intercourse and intimacy. Enlargement of the labia is actually normal anatomy, just like a large nose or small breasts. Weight loss or weight gain as well as pregnancy and childbirth can cause changes to the labia and pubic area which can make it difficult for women to exercise, wear tight fitting clothing and have pleasurable intercourse.  

Labiaplasty (also called labia minora reduction, labia reduction or inner lip reduction) is a procedure to reshape or reduce the size of the skin which surrounds the vaginal opening. Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure performed under sedation and local anesthesia. Recovery time is often minimal and results are excellent.

Labiaplasty is something women do for themselves to improve their confidence and feel good about the most personal part of their bodies.

As a woman, I can understand how my patients feel. I appreciate the significant impact body perception and appearance can have on one’s life, happiness and self-image. As a surgeon who has performed countless labiaplasty procedures as well as vaginal rejuvenation, vaginoplasty and other genital surgeries, I’m happy to be able to help my patients look and feel their best.


Dr. Karen Boyle is an experienced microsurgeon and a female urologist with Chesapeake Urology Associates who specializes in reproductive medicine as well as male and female sexual health and aesthetic surgery procedures such as labiaplasty.  She can be contacted at the Chesapeake Aesthetic Surgery Center at 877-290-5055.


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